As we get older, muscles naturally start to lose strength. Everyday tasks such as rising from a chair or walking outside alone, can become more of a challenge.  Strength and balance classes, such as the Wellbalanced programme can help you to keep strong and steady and help prevent a fall.

Wellbalanced offers low cost exercise courses, at the right level for you, for anyone who wants to feel more steady and confident on their feet.

A Wellbalanced course may be suitable for you, if you…

  • are feeling less steady on your feet
  • are finding it harder to rise from a chair or to use the stairs
  • have been referred by a GP, Healthcare Worker or other professional

Our Wellbalanced instructors are qualified and experienced in Postural Stability and Falls Prevention – get in touch to find out more.

COVID-19 Information

With the latest government advice asking people to avoid social gatherings and with venues closing we have decided to cancel all Wellbalanced classes until further notice. However we are continuing to support participants with home exercise workouts and weekly support calls. If you are a participant we will be in touch soon.

You can collect your home exercise workout by clicking the download button below;

You can also find some really useful exercise information and videos on the Falls Assist Website and our facebook page

If you refer patients to us, please continue to refer them and we will offer online and telephone support until the classes re-commence.

For latest advice on COVID-19, please visit the Government Website

“You have given me techniques which I can practice on a daily basis. I initially thought, oh good what I doing this for but have found it informative, absolutely super and now I go to other classes and exercise at home daily. The classes have encouraged me to get out and get active. I feel really positive and would like to say thank you.” John Davies, 65 years.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Well run and the instructors are very helpful and have given me some confidence. Shall be sorry when it finishes!” Jennifer Cosker.

“Noticed some improvement in mobility but still suffer from lack of balance at times. I have benefited and would like to continue if possible. Plan to continue to keep up practicing the exercises.”Derreck Barrett

and thats not all!