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Helpful COVID-19 Isolation Pack

Dr Karen Eastman and her team have put a useful pack together to support you during your isolation period.

The pack contains the following;

  1. A Home Environment Checklist
  2. Useful Contact Details
  3. Tips to keep in mind if you are diabetic
  4. Tips & Hints about eating the right things and not getting into bad habits while you are isolated.

“I cannot start to imagine how it must feel for you at the moment and so my team andI have put together an information pack to help you navigate this very tricky period. The key thing to remember is that you are not alone and there are many of us wanting to help and support you. I really hope that this pack will be helpful to you. Please use the email address below if you have any further questions about this pack.” Dr Karen Eastman, Lead for Unwarranted Clinical Variation,on behalf of the Sussex Health and Care Partnership

To contact the Sussex Healthcare Partnership


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