About Horsham classes

This new service will launch in September 2021, The Wellbalanced Programme offers a 24-week rolling course of community-based group strength and balance classes designed to reduce the risk of falls. 

The Wellbalanced Programme is delivered by AHS Wellbeing on behalf of Horsham Wellbeing.

NICE compliant and based on the LLT/ProFane model, AHS Wellbeing are commissioned by Horsham Wellbeing Service to deliver their strength and balance courses called The Wellbalanced Programme.

What is The Wellbalanced Programme?

This course is designed to help increase postural stability and reduce risk of falls, please watch our video to see a class in action.

Who is it suitable for?

The Wellbalanced course maybe for you if you….

  • are feeling less steady on your feet
  • are finding it harder to rise from a chair, or to use the stairs
  • have been referred by a GP, Healthcare Worker or other professional

Wellbalanced classes are designed to help people who are starting to feel unsteady, to feel stronger and more confident.

What service are you providing during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

We have adapted our service to allow us continue supporting you throughout the pandemic with home exercise packs, telephone support and online live classes.

Community based classes at held weekly, when it is safe to do so according to the Government guidelines. Further details will be available soon.

Please check Our Services page for full details of our service. You can also find some really useful exercise information and videos on our online support page and on the Falls Assist Website and our facebook page

For latest advice on COVID-19, please visit the Government Website

How often do the classes take place?

Online classes take place using Zoom on weekdays, your instructor will discuss this with you and arrange you for you to join a session if you have internet access.

The community classes are held weekly in each venue and, once referred, you will be able to attend 1 class per week for 24-weeks.

Where and when do the classes take place?

Weekly group community based sessions will be available in Pulborough, further details will be confirmed soon.

The classes are held once per week for one hour and cost 50 pence per class.  Once referred, we will contact you to provide full details and arrange your first session.

How do I join the programme?

Ask your GP or Practice Nurse to refer you to a Wellbalanced course.

Do you provide transport?

Unfortunately  we are unable to provide transport.  If you are unable to make your own way details of accessible and community transport in the area can be found on the council website HERE.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for exercising. If you use any mobility aids, e.g. a walking stick, please bring these with you.

What should I expect on my first session?

In your first session we will complete an assessment to ensure the exercises are suitable for you and enable us to monitor your progress.  We will ask you to complete the assessment again in 12 weeks time to see how you are progressing and then again at 24 weeks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

If you attend an online session, the class instructor will provide instruction to you when you join the class. 

What happens at the end of the 24-week programme?

We encourage you to keep exercising and advise you of suitable classes and activities you can attend in the local area.  

Are there any exercises I can follow at home?

Yes, you will certainly feel the benefit of doing the exercises regularly. There are some recommended exercises on the NHS Choices website as well as the video on our online support page.  You’ll also find some useful information on Falls Prevention here.

What happens if I am unable to attend a class I am booked onto?

If you are aware in advance that you will be unable to make a class, please inform your instructor as soon as possible.  If you have to cancel at short notice, please contact us on 01444 657099.

For further information

Call us on: 01444 657099 or E-mail: info@wellbalancedprogramme.co.uk

Further healthy lifestyle support services can be found by calling Horsham on 01403 215111 or visit their website for details.