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According to the UK Chief Medical Officer Guidelines, we should all do 75 minutes vigorous exercise or 150 minutes moderate exercise per week or a combination of both.

If this all sounds rather daunting, we suggest you try to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. Something is better than nothing. Start small and build up gradually. 10 mins each day will provide many benefits including improving your sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress and improving your quality of life. Following our Wellbalanced Programme will build strength & balance to help prevent you from suffering a fall. Many of our participants also enjoy meeting others and making new friends, so get in touch to find out about joining one of our community group classes.

What is the Wellbalanced Programme?

We would like to introduce you to the team, answer frequently asked questions and let you hear from our participants, just click here to view these short videos.

Wellbalanced Home Exercise Session

We have produced a range of easy to follow videos to help you keep active at home. Simply, click on the links below each image to view them and keep checking back as we are adding more exercises all the time.

Exercising Safely at Home

We want to ensure you are exercising safely, so before starting any home exercise, please watch our exercising safely video.

Posture Check

Posture is very important for balance, so follows Emma’s tips to help you improve your own posture.

Warm Up

Warm up your muscles and joints with Emma before your main workout session.

You can also use this session to help you gently mobilise each morning.

Lets Get Moving

After following the warm up session, start moving with some endurance exercises. Gently working your heart,lungs and leg muscles these exercises help you improve your stamina to do everyday tasks.

Strength & Balance Workout

Emma who will take you through a gentle and easy to follow workout designed to improve your strength and balance. Starting with some seated exercises, grab a chair and lets get started!

Winding Down

If you’ve been exercising, its really important to gradually wind down, so follow this section to help you stretch your muscles and relax your body. Can also help you unwind at the end of the day

Try doing a few minutes exercise every day and make exercise part of your regular daily routine.

Download your Home Exercise Leaflet below, ideal for putting on the fridge and completing as often as you can.

Getting off the Floor– useful guidance on what to do if you fall, just in case you find yourself on the floor.

You can also view all our videos on our You Tube Channel or find useful information and videos on our Facebook Page

Let’s build our balance & strength together.